*STARS* Program

STARS PROGRAM: CGT provides youth training, as well as educational outreach activities for persons of all ages, that help participants gain a deeper understanding of theatre as an art form, acquire theatre skills as a vocation  or  avocation,  and  engage  in  dialogue  around  the  themes and  issues raised by  the playwrights in the productions  on the CGT stage.   The Common Ground Theatre STARS program  is designed to educate young people in all aspects of theatre performance, as well as to create a pool of talent for Common Ground Theatre and the theatrical community at large.  CGT seeks to engage young people’s participation in positive educational and cultural activities that will prevent their involvement with the negative forces that are often a part of their environment.

STARS VISION:   The CGT STARS program has adopted  the National Endowment for the Arts “building blocks” for a healthy community arts program.   The outcomes will result in strengthening and improving the neighborhoods  by offering families safe and affordable alternative recreational activities during the “prime time for juvenile crime.”  Our interactive and innovative programming, place a premium on giving youth to succeed at a task by emphasizing excellence and establishing clear expectations and goals and rewarding progress (ex. Attending  a professional play).  By maintaining regular and sustained programs, parents and youth can count on consistency resulting in overall benefits at school & home.

CGT’s STAR PROGRAM is seeking dedicated,  interested, and talented  students to participate  in their

2015 Believe in Yourself Theatre Arts Summer Camp. Camp Participants be selected to work as actors, dancers, designers, and/or arts administrators. The added benefit of the STARS Summer Camp is to allow STAR Program students the opportunity  to apply skills learned during  the STARS Yearly Program in a professional theatre environment. Camp Participants will receiving constant instruction and supervision from theatre professional and learn the steps from program concept to production execution.

In order to qualify, STAR apprentices must exhibit

•          a desire to  participate  fully in the STARS program,  including  participating  in all classes rehearsals, and scheduled performances;

•          a commitment to adhere to the supervision and direction of the CGT staff; and

•          a willingness to abide by the judgment  of the director  of the production  in regards to eligibility for continuing participation in the group.

SUMMER SCHEDULE: The STARS Theatre Arts Summer Camp will be held every Saturday in June (June

6, 13, 20, & 27) from  10am-3pm and the first two  weeks in July (July 6 – 17) from  10am-3pm. The participants will perform in the CGT’S Summer Production of the THE WIZ (or other musical) directed by CGT’s Executive Artistic Director Charles W. Patmon, Jr. Performances will be July 16 – August 2, 2015 (Friday and Saturday at 7:00pm and Sunday at 2:00pm) at the Educational Cultural Complex located on the San Diego Continual Education campus.

FEE: The STARS Theatre Arts Summer Camp registration fee is $50.00. Program fees are $400.00. For the

2015 STARS Theatre Arts Summer Camp program, the program fees will be WAIVED. Participants will still be responsible for the $50.00 registration fee and may, however, accrue some expenses for supplies, costumes, make-up, transportation, etc. Some scholarships are still available. Please see CGT’s Executive Artistic Director.

PARTICIPATION: Classes for the STARS  Theatre Arts Summer Camp are Saturday at the Educational Cultural Complex at 10am-3pm. Classes will include basic theatre arts training  that will introduce  the students basic acting, theatre etiquette, and stage movement. Summer Camp will be July 6-17 Monday – Friday from 10am-3m. In addition to classes and camp, participants will be required to attend technical rehearsals for the production on July 13-16 (Monday – Thursday) from 6-9:30pm. Attendance at each class and rehearsal is mandatory.

TICKETS: To help with the cost of each participant will be responsible to sell 20 tickets for the the staged production at $15.00 each (total revenue is $375.00). Students who sell the most tickets after the required amount will be entered in a contest. Prizes will be awarded to the top three ticket sellers.

ASSIGNMENTS: Students will be assigned in the following areas:

ACTORS –                   Participants will perform on stage during the production

CREATIVE TEAM –     Senior participants will work with the design/creative team (Director, Musical

Director, Choreographer, etc.) in the overall concept of the show. ADMINISTRATION –  Participants will have the opportunity to work with CGT’s Front of House

staff in the areas of Box Office, Publicity, Ushering, or Concessions, to learn the Customer service aspect of theatre.